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Hitler Had Tiny ‘Manhood’, Historians Claim

Hitler Had Tiny ‘Manhood’, Historians Claim
Adolf Hitler saliendo de la sede del partido Nazi (Munich, 1931) Recuerdos de Pandora/FlickrCC BY-SA 2.0


Hitler Had Tiny ‘Manhood’, Historians Claim

Adolf Hitler, probably one of the world’s most controversial figures, has long been gone, but rumors about this feared Nazi dictator remain to surface and one of which was about his tiny manhood.

Just recently, a team of historians revealed that the infamous leader of the Nazi Germany had actually had a small penis due to rare medical conditions— Hypospadias and undescended testicle.

Hypospadias is a rare medical condition characterized by shrunk genitals or a ‘micro-penis’. According to a report published by the Daily Star, Hitler’s medical records revealed that he actually suffered from an undescended testicle, also known as right-side cryptorchidism. The report notes that the recent findings would explain the dictator’s trademark temper as well as inactive sex life.

In the medical world, the Urology Care Foundation describes the condition as having a penis that doesn’t look normal and function normally. Patients with this condition have a genital with both anatomical and physiological abnormality.

This rather bizarre revelation was disclosed in the new book titled “Hitler’s Last Day: Minute by Minute” authored by historians Emma Craigie and Jonathan Mayo. The controversial book looks into the key events that happened in Hitler’s last day, in full detail and revealing some of the dictator’s shocking and dark secrets.

Hitler himself is believed to have had two forms of genital abnormality: an undescended testicle and a rare condition called penile hypospadius in which the urethra opens on the under side of the penis,” the authors wrote in the book as quoted by the Daily Star. The Daily Star adds that Hitler used to take hormone supplements and other drugs from his personal physician Theodor Morell to boost his stamina and sexual drive to mate.

Aside from being known of his trademark outbursts, the feared Nazi Germany tyrant’s fear of going out in public half-naked was not a secret. This, despite his meddling with German couples to bear more Aryan children. At the age of 56, Hitler died single and childless.

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