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Hillary Clinton’s Net Worth: America May Have Paid For Ex-First Lady’s Over-The-Top Lifestyle

Hillary Clinton’s Net Worth: America May Have Paid For Ex-First Lady’s Over-The-Top Lifestyle
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Hillary Clinton’s Net Worth: America May Have Paid For Ex-First Lady’s Over-The-Top Lifestyle

Years ago Hillary Clinton’s net worth made headlines after she said “We came out of the White House not only dead broke, but in debt.” This statement now seems to be ancient history especially when you see how the Clintons have been living their lives post-White House.

Both presidential candidates have been working their butts off trying to look like the average American. One is a billionaire real-estate mogul and the other a career politician who has been in the public eye for decades.

While Trump’s efforts have been met with either ridicule or genuine support, Clinton seems to be having a hard time. This could be partly due to fellow candidate Bernie Sanders accusing her of being backed by Wall Street bankers.

However, this could be just the beginning as details regarding Hillary Clinton’s net worth and finances are revealed. An investigation is underway despite Clinton releasing her tax records for all the world, and voters, to see.

Hillary Clinton’s Net Worth Made At The Expense Of The America People

Radar Online reported that the Clintons made an astonishing $110 million, all at the expense of the American people. “Clinton Cash” author Peter Schweizer revealed how the career politicians raked in millions through their charity the Clinton Foundation.

Over the years, the foundation took in millions from foreign donors, notably wealthy Arab states and individuals as well as Russia. This includes the time when she was serving as Secretary of State.

Schweizer also stated how the Clintons accepted foreign donations for their own benefit. More disturbing revelations include Mrs. Clinton taking favorable actions on her behalf, for the benefit of the donors.

Clinton has promised to stop accepting foreign donations if she gets elected but is it enough? Mrs. Clinton has been repeatedly called out for lying by Republicans most notably by Pat Smith at the RNC.

While the countries where the majority of the donors are technically allied with the United States, they are not always on board with US foreign policy. Have the Clintons been selling out America for their own personal gain?

The FBI is currently investigating the Clinton finances and the truth behind Hillary Clinton’s Net Worth. It seems that while they left the White House dead broke, they could return loaded with cash, all at the expense of the United States.

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