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Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Raises Record-Breaking $45 Million In Her First Quarter

Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Raises Record-Breaking $45 Million In Her First Quarter
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Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Raises Record-Breaking $45 Million In Her First Quarter

Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton’s campaign has raised a record-breaking $45 million in the first quarter of its 2016 bid.

Traveling through the length and breadth of the country, Clinton’s campaign has focused on raising money for the last month. In the three months, she appeared in 58 fundraisers in 18 states, according to CNN.

An official with knowledge of the fundraising operations said, “The numbers are not yet final but Hillary for America has exceeded our expectations and is on track to raise more primary money than any candidate in history during their first quarter in the race. The previous record of primary money raised in a candidate’s first quarter was $41.9 million set by President Obama’s campaign in 2011.”

The campaign had initially aimed at raising $100 million by the end of the year, a little more than double of what they have already achieved. In the first quarter of her 2008 bid, she had raised $19 million in primary money.

On Tuesday night, Clinton’s last fundraising event of the quarter in New York featured celebrities like Olivia Wilde, Uzo Aduba, Jason Sudeikis, and Zach Braff at the Terminal 5 concert hall.

According to Politico, Clinton has been successful in raising in excess of $500,000 per day on average. Having been a candidate for 81 days, it is an impressive feat for a frontrunner.

Despite the mammoth amount the campaign has raised, it is yet to be determined whether it has been able to cover all the costs from its expenditures – which are included in the FED filings. Clinton’s 2008 bid had led to a $25 million debt, more than $13 million of what was owed to the candidate. While Clinton was not reimbursed for what she had lent, the others were paid by the end of 2012.

The Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook told supporters in an e-mail that while the money raised for the quarter brings “great news,” “we can’t get complacent” as “some of the Republicans are rumored to have raised $100 million into their war chests, every penny of which they’ll use to tear down our campaign and strengthen theirs. So we need to keep working.”

The focus now shifts to Republican Jeb Bush’s second quarter earnings. Bush announced recently that record breaking amounts had been raised with the help of donors.

In another attempt to keep the focus on himself, Bush released his 33 years’ worth of tax returns, emphasizing his intentions of being transparent.

However, Clinton’s campaign announced that her 30 years worth of tax returns are already public, with more that she will be revealing.

According to Bloomberg, to minimize expenditures, Mook has advised workers traveling between New York and Washington to take buses unless there’s a pressing time constraint, and spend less money on office decor. Despite efforts made to keep spending to a minimum, there are certain unavoidable disbursements like salaries of all staffers on the payroll and travel expenses including use of plane by the candidate the campaign will have to incur.


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