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Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump: Kim Kardashian Goes For Women’s Right Protector

Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump: Kim Kardashian Goes For Women’s Right Protector
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Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump: Kim Kardashian Goes For Women’s Right Protector

Kim Kardashian West now officially supports Hillary Clinton! This comes after the queen of reality TV released a statement last Saturday saying that she will be voting for the Democratic nominee.

This debunks previous rumors that Kardashian plans on voting Republican nominee, himself once starred in a reality show. She confirmed that she’s NOT ‘on the fence’ about voting for the billionaire businessman.

According to Hollywood Life, Kim Kardashian found herself in hot water after her comments about voting for Donald Trump were taken out of context. Reports surfaced as late as September 23 that she will be voting Republican after a heartfelt with Caitlyn Jenner.

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She has now addressed the controversy by officially stating that she will be voting for Hillary Clinton come November. Kardashian also revealed that the reason she will for voting her is because she believes Clinton will protect women’s rights.

Kim Kardashian: Hillary Clinton Will Defend Women’s Rights

She also believes that Sec. Clinton is the most qualified person to run the country and will be best to represent the country. She came to this conclusion after a long conversation with Caitlyn Jenner.

The Olympic gold-medalist turned transgender activist has always been open about her political views. According to Kardashian, she encouraged her to do her research before making a decision and vote for the candidate who also shares her views.

While she supports Clinton, Kim Kardashian also made it clear that she will never judge anyone for their political views. She believes both candidates want the best for the country, they just have different ways in doing it.

There’s no denying that the majority of the Hollywood’s elite will vote for Hillary Clinton in November. Their liberal views are almost always in line with the Democratic Party’s agenda and they have consistently supported the party’s nominee.

Will Kim Kardashian’s support have enough impact for the Democratic nominee to take the lead? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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