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Hillary Clinton Vs Donald Trump: 1st Presidential Debate Preparations And Behind-the-scenes

Hillary Clinton Vs Donald Trump: 1st Presidential Debate Preparations And Behind-the-scenes
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton during United States presidential election 2016 Krassotkin (derivative), Gage Skidmore (Donald Trump), Gage Skidmore (Hillary Clinton) / Wikimedia Commons cc


Hillary Clinton Vs Donald Trump: 1st Presidential Debate Preparations And Behind-the-scenes

The fate of the two nominees, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, could depend on the outcome of the 90 minutes of the first presidential debate to be held on Monday in Hempstead, New York.

Until now, the race between the nominees has been rather close. Anticipated to be the most watched presidential event, as many as 100 million viewers are expected to tune in to watch the debate between the former secretary of state and the business mogul.

As reported by TIME, according to polling averages, Clinton has a slight edge over her rival.

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Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump: Will the presidential debate have a significant impact?

Although the presidential debate is considered a pivotal event in the lead-up to the election, CNN reports they might not substantially affect the overall outcome of the presidency. The last time an election was affected by the presidential debate was in 1976 when President Ford said there was no Soviet domination in Eastern Europe.

The media outlet further reports that presidential debates have, in the past, had little effect in the outcome of the election. In 2012, despite dominating in presidential debates Mitt Romney had to suffer a loss by four points.

The underlining difference between the two parties, nevertheless, lies in the fact that Clinton has proposed more than Trump. As reported by NBC News, in most elections a Democratic presidential nominee “has more plans and ideas than the GOP candidate, because Democrats believe that the government in general, and specifically the federal government, should intervene in more issues than Republicans do.”

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Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump: Difference between the two parties

However, speaking with TIME in June, Trump said that “[Clinton has’ got people that sit in cubicles writing policy all day. Nothing’s ever going to happen. It’s just a waste of paper.” Trump further added, “My voters don’t care and the public doesn’t care. They know you’re going to do a good job once you’re there.”

Meanwhile, Clinton’s aids involved themselves in a study on Monday regarding the Republican presidential nominee’s personality to gain an insight into how he might act during the debate. Philippe Reines, who has played the part of Trump in mock debate sessions, was involved in the study.

As reported by the Washington Post, among others who took part in the study included Trump’s ghostwriter Tony Schwartz and former UBS Americas CEO Robert Wolf, an ally of President Barack Obama.

“The biggest challenge for Clinton is that most voters choose their candidate based on more general measures of conservatism or liberalism, not details,” NBC News reports. Among other things that Trump has proposed, large tax cuts, limiting regulations on businesses and repealing Obamacare are some of the most empirical that may appeal to voters.

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