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Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Mental Health: Both Reportedly Unfit To Handle Presidency

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Mental Health: Both Reportedly Unfit To Handle Presidency
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Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Mental Health: Both Reportedly Unfit To Handle Presidency

Are both Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, and Republican candidate, Donald Trump, mentally unfit to become the President of the United States?

Apart from their moral flaws, on the basis of which a large portion of Americans have already expressed doubt over the capability of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in handling the responsibility of an entire nation (if not the world), recent medical reports have further raised concern over the deteriorating mental health of the two candidates.

With the growing heat of the Presidential contest between the two candidates belonging to opposing parties, it is easy to crumble beneath the stress of the situation and give in. However, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are raging on, with game faces on and refusing to bow down in front of the other in the U.S. election.

But are they putting on brave acts in the public eye, so as to not lose out on votes, while their mental health actually falls to pieces?

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Donald Trump Health

According to a report, which went viral on social media in August 2016, Donald Trump’s PR vice president John Miller seemed to have held a press conference to announce that Trump would be dropping out of the Presidential election following the results of a routine medical exam which revealed that he had “stage one brain cancer”.

The news was published by NTMY News, which, Snopes pointed out, is an entertainment news website which occasionally prints political satires. Hence, even though the news could not be proven to be a hoax beyond believe, there is a greater possibility that it was not true.

Hillary Clinton Health

While Donald Trump’s camp has had to deal with many fabricated medical reports popping up over the social media, Hillary Clinton’s team has had to deal with PR nightmares trying to prove that Mrs. Clinton is fit and fine and is ready to become the next POTUS.

After an extensive health report was drawn up by MKMG, of the former Secretary of State, under the guidance of Hillary Clinton’s personal physician, Lisa Bardack, it was revealed that Mrs. Clinton suffers from “hypothyroidism and seasonal pollen allergies” and has had “deep vein thrombosis”, “an elbow fracture” and “a concussion” in the past.

However, Bardack’s final remarks clearly mentioned that Hillary Clinton was “in excellent physical condition and fit to serve as President of the United States.”

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Following this report, a forged report was released and circulated online, reports Snopes, which also had Bardack’s signature on it. This fake report stated that Mrs. Clinton was showing signs of memory loss, seizure, and dementia, which made her unfit to run in the Presidential election.

The fake report was further legitimized by Physician and media personality Dr. Drew Pinsky, who despite having never personally examined Hillary Clinton, spoke at lengths about her deteriorating mental condition. He said that Hillary Clinton had “brain damage, and it’s affecting her balance”, reports Snopes.

Even though the DNC has vehemently denied Pinsky’s evaluation, it has certainly opened up an array of questions about Hillary Clinton’s capabilities to run the oval office.

She was recently seen joking about these presumably fake health reports doing the rounds on the internet on Jimmy Kimmel Live and even let the chat show host check her pulse to prove that she is perfectly healthy, reports Heavy.

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