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Hillary Clinton Undercover Nurse Identity Revealed: Facts About Christine Falvo

Hillary Clinton Undercover Nurse Identity Revealed: Facts About Christine Falvo
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Hillary Clinton Undercover Nurse Identity Revealed: Facts About Christine Falvo

Hillary Clinton health condition has been a constant concern — first she is diagnosed with pneumonia, then she faints, and is later declared DEAD. The Democratic presidential candidate during a commemoration of 9/11 anniversary set off alarm bells ringing in New York on Sunday.

As previously reported the 68-year-old appeared to stumble and faint during the event. Hillary Clinton was helped into a waiting van by security officers’.

A video footage of the incident went viral and shows strange metals falling from the presidential nominee’s pant leg. The video was first posted on the subreddit for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, Morning News USA reported.

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However, attention now turns to the woman Hillary Clinton was with who seemed to be checking her pulse. Lots of speculation has been surrounding the mother-of-one and her heath.

According to a tweet on Sunday, pictures showed Clinton with a lady who appears to be an “undercover nurse.” Even the tweet by Tennessee Republican Party seemed to confirm the speculations.

However, the twitter account is not the official account. Besides there is another tweet which tells that Hillary desperately wants to delete one particular picture from twitter.

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The photo shows the first lady in a white pantsuit from behind getting into the black van. Interestingly, it has a small metal stool placed below the car door and Hillary stands on it and gets into the van.

Meanwhile, coming back to the “undercover nurse,” she possibly asked Hillary to squeeze her fingers. She also stood behind the presidential candidate and whispered in her ear during the 9/11 ceremony, Daily Mail reports.

Hillary Clinton ‘Undercover nurse’ facts

In fact there were speculations that the lady was Dr Lisa Bardack, Hillary’s personal physician, who diagnosed her on Friday. However, the woman is neither Bardack nor an “undercover nurse.”

She is Christine Falvo, a former staffer of Hillary. She worked in the former first lady’s New York Senate office from 2001-09 and then with Hillary when she was secretary of state.

However, the truth is Falvo was working as a volunteer advance person for Clinton at the 9/11 event, according to the New York Post.

“If there is anything I can ever do to be helpful to you, please don’t hesitate to let me know. I want to be a resource whenever needed!” Christine Falvo wrote to Hillary Clinton in May 2012.

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