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Hillary Clinton To Stage Nuclear War Against Russia, China – US Diplomat James George Jatras

Hillary Clinton To Stage Nuclear War Against Russia, China – US Diplomat James George Jatras
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Hillary Clinton To Stage Nuclear War Against Russia, China – US Diplomat James George Jatras

The animosity between Washington and Moscow has long existed since the World War I. But now that the United States is set to elect its new president, not only Russia has expressed its apprehension about the possibility of the Democrats’ Hillary Clinton actually winning the presidency.

Whoever between the former Secretary of State and Republican Donald Trump would end up in the White House, the entry of a new leader of the most powerful country in the world is a game changer.

U.S-Russia War

For one, the U.S. has been embroiled in a diplomatic unrest between Russia over different political policies, including the issue on Russia’s continued nuclear program.

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But even James George Jatras, a veteran U.S diplomat has expressed concern over the possibility of Clinton winning as president on the November 8 elections. He said, unless Clinton dies, she would cling to be being her party’s official candidate, the Sputnik reported.

It can be recalled that rumors of Clinton’s ailing health have surfaced lately on the campaign trail after the 68-year-old presidential candidate fainted in the middle of the 9/11 memorial service Sunday. Various groups have casted doubt whether she is fit to run the most powerful office in the land, let alone in the whole world.

Period of ‘Endless War’

But the scenario would become much more severe if she would end up in the White House. Jatras explained that if Clinton wins the presidency, her administration would be a period of ‘an endless war’.

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“Hillary has never met a war she does not like. She is a true believer in the idea that the US can, as this vanguard of all progressive humanity, use military force to transform the world. We are looking at numerous regional wars and very possible at nuclear war with Russia or China, or both,” he finally stated.

Meanwhile, Clinton has hit Russia’s interference in the U.S elections. Clinton said Russian intelligence is behind plot to destabilize the integrity of the upcoming election so as to favor Russia’s bet, Trump, the New York Times reported.

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