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Hillary Clinton State Department Schedule: Release Date, Facts To Know

Hillary Clinton State Department Schedule: Release Date, Facts To Know
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Hillary Clinton State Department Schedule: Release Date, Facts To Know

Recent reports said that the Department of State has agreed to release all of Hillary Clinton’s schedules of her time in office.

The State Department will release the schedule to a leading news organization before Election Day. This was a shift in stance the department held a week ago.

On Thursday, the Department of State said it could finish the release of Clinton’s daily calendar by October 17. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Associated Press and conservative organizations have taken the initiative to access the Democratic nominee’s files from her time in office.

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Associated Press reported a week ago that lawyers from the Department of State said they could not finish the release until December, after Election Day, and shortly before the new president will be sworn in.

These schedules are essential for voters because documents from her time as Secretary of State could shed light on what sort of access were utilized by corporate executives and foundation donors. There are also missing portions that encourage questions regarding how Clinton functioned during her days in the administration.

It was reported that Clinton conducted private meetings with donors at her Foggy Bottom office, as well as “conference call with CEOs” to gather money for a Department of State project. According to the Washington Examiner, “Clinton mixed her exhaustive diplomatic engagements with appointments that favored her political and philanthropic networks.”

These include her invitations to corporate executives whose firms donated to the Clinton Foundation — including James McNerney, Boeing CEO, and Mike Duke, Wal-Mart CEO. They were invited to the Department of State’s headquarters for “private meetings” or shorter “drop-bys” in her office.

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