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Hillary Clinton Seizures: Secret Service Bans Camera With Flash During Debate, Report

Hillary Clinton Seizures: Secret Service Bans Camera With Flash During Debate, Report
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Hillary Clinton Seizures: Secret Service Bans Camera With Flash During Debate, Report

During a news report, a local anchor said that during the second presidential debate, flash photography was prohibited because it might ignite Hillary Clinton’s seizures.

It was earlier reported that the secret service banned using flash photography during the second presidential debate. However, the local news reporter said that the reason was because of the former First Lady’s health issues.

“So what do you say guys?” the local reporter asked her colleagues.

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In the video, the reporter photographed herself with the flash. Afterwards, she said, “Oh God! You know what, this is reason why it was banned apparently because the secret service did not trust people to disable the flashes on their cameras.”

“And they were afraid that it would sort of inspire Hillary’s seizure disorder.”

According to earlier reports by Morning News USA, Clinton previously projected bizarre and erratic behavior on the campaign trail. These weird facial expressions and tics were photographed several times.

Spectators tried to figure out the reason; most of them concluded that the former secretary of state is severely ill. The Democratic candidate went through multiple convulsions on camera, which looked like seizures.

However, on October 11, the reporter Kristin Cole tweeted and retracted the seizure-related statement she made. Cole attached the original reason for the ban of flash photography during the second presidential debate on the tweet.

“On Monday, I misspoke on the air about why flash photography was banned at the debate. This is the full correction,” Cole tweeted.

According to PIX11, flash photography was prohibited at the second presidential debate because it would interrupt with the live televised program and could create unnecessary distractions, according to the debate commission.

Cole said she regrets her remarks regarding the flash ban. According to her, it was not based on facts but mere speculation.

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