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Hillary Clinton Seizure New Video: Democrat MIA Until Sunday Debate

Hillary Clinton Seizure New Video: Democrat MIA Until Sunday Debate
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Hillary Clinton Seizure New Video: Democrat MIA Until Sunday Debate

While a reporter was asking questions to Hillary Clinton, the presidential candidate apparently had another seizure-like moment, as seen in a video footage.

The footage shows her head jerking back and forth in a bizarre motion.

The reporters were asking the former First Lady regarding her running mate Tim Kaine’s debate preparation. During that moment, Clinton’s head movements appeared involuntary; it seemed like she was having a little spasm before recovering.

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According to Infowars, the footage could be another hint that Clinton was actually suffering from an early onset of Parkinson’s, as many have alleged.

The publication reported that the symptoms of the disease constitute involuntary movements, stiff and rigid muscles, problem in bodily movements, difficulty with coordination, and rhythmic muscle contractions.

The video went viral, and several people started asking questions about the former First Lady’s health. At the DNC, the former secretary of state reacted in the same manner, which was observed as balloons were being released.

Meanwhile, the Democratic candidate has no scheduled public appearances before the second debate, which would take place on Sunday night against Donald Trump at Washington University in St. Louis.

It is speculated that the seizure-like activity could be the reason Clinton would be “missing in action” until Sunday night.

However, the Democratic campaign has been expecting that on Sunday night’s debate, Clinton would rebound. This is because during Tuesday night’s vice presidential debate, many commentators believe that Trump’s running mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, delivered a better performance than his Democratic counterpart, Senator Tim Kaine.

According to Free Beacon, the Clinton campaign is prepping for the second presidential debate. This debate will be moderated by CNN’s Anderson Cooper and ABC’s Martha Raddatz. The format of the debate will be similar to a town hall, where members of the audience will ask questions to the candidates.

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