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Hillary Clinton Replacement: Ted Cruz Running As A Democrat, Report

Hillary Clinton Replacement: Ted Cruz Running As A Democrat, Report
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Hillary Clinton Replacement: Ted Cruz Running As A Democrat, Report

Texas Senator Ted Cruz has said that he plans to run for presidency against Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

While Cruz did answer in the affirmative, he did not elaborate on his decision.

Cruz can only run for the presidency should the rumor surrounding Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s health concerns are true.

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Hillary Clinton Replacement: “If I have to switch over to the Democrats to do it, then so be it,” Ted Cruz says

Clinton has been diagnosed with pneumonia. On Sunday, at a September 11 ceremony, she appeared to collapse, prompting speculations as to whether she is fit to run for presidency. It was later revealed that the former secretary of state had felt overheated and dehydrated.

“It’s true,” Cruz said, speaking about the proposition he made about running for presidency, as reported by USA News Insider. “And I made it for one simple reason – there is no way I am giving up on stopping Donald Trump from running this great country into the ground. And if I have to switch over to the Democrats to do it, then so be it.”

When speaking Clinton’s health issues, Cruz said, “If I was her and I had a choice, I’d go with the health issues because she’s not strong enough to beat Trump when she’s at 100 percent, let alone now.”

“ Therefore, I’d like to make it clear,” he added. “With all due respect to the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton – if anything should happen to her that prevents her from running against Donald Trump, I agree to take her place and run against him as a full-fledged Democrat.”

In May, Cruz had said he would be running for re-election in Texas. That put to rest all speculations that he may skip the Senate re-elections in 2018 and concentrate on his 2020 presidential bid.

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Hillary Clinton Replacement: Ted Cruz Running For Presidency News False?

As reported by CNN, strategists have opined on the contrary. They say Cruz, whose comments suggest that he will quit the Senate, should give the 2018 re-election a miss and put his efforts into prepare for the presidential elections in 2020.

Speaking about running in place of Hillary, Cruz said he does not “care that some people would label that as betrayal.”

“This country has been through too much for us to let a Donald Trump ruin it,” Cruz said. “So, if this is what has to be done and if no one else has the guts to do it, let history remember that it was Ted Cruz who sucked it up and took one for the red team.

But the story about Cruz running for presidency was soon debunked by Snopes; which said that while Cruz met with Trump’s running mate Mike Pence, the part about him saying that he will run for presidency as a Democrat was fabricated.

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