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Hillary Clinton Quotes: Nurses Glorified Baby Sitters, Overpaid Maids – Hoax

Hillary Clinton Quotes: Nurses Glorified Baby Sitters, Overpaid Maids – Hoax
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Hillary Clinton Quotes: Nurses Glorified Baby Sitters, Overpaid Maids – Hoax

Editor’s note: You are viewing Morning News USA’s Debunked section. This section contains news that we have investigated and uncovered to be fake news, satire news, hoaxes and urban legends.

US presidential candidate and Democrat party nominee Hillary Clinton is not only known for her accomplishments in government service, but also for her famous quotes.

An unflattering statement allegedly insinuated that nurses are merely “glorified baby sitters” and “overpaid maids. This has put the former First Lady in a bad light for years now.

This remark was supposedly made by the former secretary of state in the 1990s, but up to this day, no concrete information has surfaced to prove that she actually said these things.

In February 2008, a user posted a message on the AllNurses forum confirming if Hillary Clinton indeed gave such a comment, which has been added to her list of famous quotes, according to Snopes.

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The Search for Proof

The post read, “OK, there are a lot of people at work saying that at some time Hillary Clinton said that nurses pay is way too high and that they are just glorified baby sitters. Has any one else heard this?”

”I’ve looked at many sights on her and can’t find it. If she did say that, it needs to be made known. Nurses are a large voting population. I hope for her sake she didn’t say that. Is that part of her medical reform plan?” the post added.

But the intriguing thing is that although many of the users commented they actually heard the wife of former US president Bill Clinton make the remark, they couldn’t produce online proof, explaining that the statement was made before the internet became mainstream.

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However, a transcript of a 1993 town hall speech delivered by Hillary Clinton during the Democratic Governors Association in Woodstock, Illinois, seems to put the nasty quote into its proper perspective, according to Truth or Fiction.

The US senator was still the first lady when gave the speech 23 years ago, which actually advocated for health care reform, and was not the source of the negative quote against nurses.

“That is one of the most cost-effective things we can do — to encourage doctors and nurses and others to pay off their loans, to be forgiven for their loans, if they will go into areas that need their help,” she said.

“We’ll have to tell very other aspect of the health care industry that it can no longer expect to be raising its prices and profits growing at two to three to four to five to eight times the rate of inflation,” Hillary Clinton said in her now famous speech, which has been the subject of unsubstantiated quotes that have been wrongfully attributed to her.

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