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Hillary Clinton Proposed Extrajudicial Killing Of Julian Assange – Reports

Hillary Clinton Proposed Extrajudicial Killing Of Julian Assange – Reports
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Hillary Clinton Proposed Extrajudicial Killing Of Julian Assange – Reports

WikiLeaks had tweeted that Hillary Clinton earlier proposed the extrajudicial killing of founder Julian Assange.

This came from the organization in a tweet, which says that the Democratic presidential nominee previously planned to kill Assange. The statement was allegedly made by Clinton when she sat for a meeting with the State’s top officials given the responsibility to stop WikiLeaks.

“Can’t we just drone this guy?” the Democratic nominee openly asked, out of frustration.

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According to True Pundit, multiple meetings were held at the State Department. The meetings were conducted so former Clinton and her inner circle can vanquish Assange and Wikileaks.

The publication stated that the inquiry made by the former secretary of state attracted laughter from the room, which was quickly subdued. Then the former Secretary continued talking in an abrupt manner.

According to sources, Clinton said Assange was a nothing but a soft target. She said that he was relatively easy to be executed because he is “walking around” freely while thumbing his nose, and that he was not scared of reprisals from the United States.

WikiLeaks tweeted the drone strike statement allegedly made by Clinton.

The Washington Examiner reported that emails earlier released Hillary Clinton’s private server disclosed that Anne Marie Slaughter, a former director of policy planning at the State Department, also allegedly called out for Assange’s assassination.

Slaughter sent an email in 2010, in which she talked about taking up “nonlegal strategies” for dealing with WikiLeaks. That email also noted that a meeting was held on that day to discuss WikiLeaks.

“Following this morning’s meetings, I activated my four legal eagles on the SP staff,” Slaughter wrote.

She also said that her team had developed an “interesting legal approach,” and that she thinks there are “some very good suggestions about how to handle our public diplomacy.”

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