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Hillary Clinton Parkinson’s Disease: Near Fatal Plane Crash May Have Caused Brain Clots

Hillary Clinton Parkinson’s Disease: Near Fatal Plane Crash May Have Caused Brain Clots
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Hillary Clinton Parkinson’s Disease: Near Fatal Plane Crash May Have Caused Brain Clots

Hillary Clinton is constantly surrounded by rumors of her ill health. Is being said now that the Democratic presidential candidate is reportedly suffering from Parkinson’s disease and that there are blood clots in her brain.

WikiLeaks documents claim that Hillary Clinton was seriously injured in a near fatal plane crash during a secret mission to Iran in 2012. The rumors of her suffering from Parkinson’s disease started when a report in WhatDoesItMean stated that Hillary was injured and a “top US Navy Seal Commander killed,” Snopes reports.

The hoax web site, in the article claimed that the former secretary of state was going to Iran to meet president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Another web site European Union Times ran the same fabricated report from WhatDoesItMean.

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The news was shared by a few U.S. military personnel and U.S. Department of State staffers via email. So, it ended up in the archive of 30,322 e-mails sent to and from Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

The emails were released online by WikiLeaks on March 16. However, when Hillary Clinton collapsed during the 9/11 anniversary in New York, several web sites picked up the old news and related it to her health.

Several websites stated that Hillary tried to cover up her health condition. The Democrat reportedly had a serious plane crash injury that had left her “unconscious and bleeding profusely,” which the sites claimed was “verified” by WikiLeaks.

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These are among a host of rumors, speculations and conspiracy theories surrounding Hillary Clinton. The run up to the presidential election this year is getting dirty by the day.

And with Election Day very near on Nov.8, the theories are gaining ground, thanks to several baseless claims. Morning News USA previously reported that Hillary showed strange facial tics and erratic behavior in public.

Meanwhile, Breitbart reported former Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO Martin Shkreli believed Hillary Clinton may have early symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. But, Snopes debunked the claims stating that there is no truth to it.

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