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Hillary Clinton New Email Address Revealed!

Hillary Clinton New Email Address Revealed!
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Hillary Clinton New Email Address Revealed!

It seems that Hillary Clinton’s new email address has been revealed.

On Thursday, email addresses were leaked on the site DC Leaks. The leaks show an exchange of correspondence between a longtime friend of the Democratic nominee, Capricia Marshall, and another person using the address

“Dear All. Now that our No Ceilings roll out has finished, I wanted to thank you, and through you, the entire team that did the work to support us in producing a world class report, plan and event,” the email from the above address said.

“I could not be happier or prouder. Please get some rest–you’ve earned it! Onward—H.”

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The correspondence dated back on March 10, 2015, according to the Daily Caller. The publication also reported that the email was sent to Marshall and several other Hillary Clinton insiders.

Reports about two missing “bankers boxes” full of emails belonging to the former secretary of state surfaced during an FBI witness interview for the email investigation. It was lso revealed that senior State Department official Patrick Kennedy was putting pressure on subordinates to alter classified email codes so they would be well-guarded from Congress and the public.

FOX News reported that Clinton’s emails from January to April of 2009 could not be found as was reported by the witness to the FBI. However, the crucial part was the time Clinton first started office as a secretary of state.

During the same time, Clinton actually initiated the private email server. She was using a private email address different than the one she used as secretary of state.

“HDR” simply meant Hillary Diane Rodham. In another email correspondence on June 20, 2015, it seemed like the former secretary of state was helping her niece, Megan Rodham, obtain a passport.

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