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Naked Hillary Clinton Statue: Mystery Behind The Embarrassing Effigy

Naked Hillary Clinton Statue: Mystery Behind The Embarrassing Effigy
Ministru prezidents Valdis Dombrovskis tiekas ar ASV valsts sekretāri Hilariju Klintoni Valsts kanceleja / State Chancellery / Flickr cc


Naked Hillary Clinton Statue: Mystery Behind The Embarrassing Effigy

In a very disturbing news event on Tuesday morning, a naked Hillary Clinton statue was found in the crowded area of the Manhattan Financial District during the rush hour.

Social media was spammed with the leaked pictures of the hoofed feet statue of the presidential nominee. According to Pix 11 News, onlookers vied for a photo of the controversial statue as Hillary Clinton patrons expressed angry opposition.

A think-skinned woman, identified only as Nancy, knocked down the statue and broke it off into parts. The artist tried to save the statue but was asked to move it by the police, reported New York Post.

“Yeah I hope they put you in cuffs,” said the male artist amidst all the commotion. “I’m just trying to preserve my art here.”

“This is my workplace. I have to look at this?” retorted the upset Nancy.

According to witnesses, the statue that appeared for only an hour was gone by 7 a.m.

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Precisely two months prior to yesterday’s incident, five nude Trump statues were erected in the Union Square and other American cities by the anarchist art collectors’ group, Indecline. The body has, however, kept their mum on the Hillary Clinton matter.

No group has publicly taken responsibility for the naked Hillary Clinton statue. However, a sign was spotted at the base giving the credits as “Mini Master and Boogie Night Production,” as reported by Daily News.

The Artist

Anthony Scioli, as the artist identified himself as, could be a fake name, according to reports. The name “Anthony Scioli” returned no results when The Daily Beast ran a search for the artist on the web. This is particularly odd because every artist makes his living by promoting themselves on the internet. Scioli seemed to have zero existence on the world wide web.

Suspicions in relation to the artist’s identity further raised as the news channel tried to reach Scioli on call. The artist’s mother clearly dismissed the rumor saying that her son was not even in the city when the statue was erected.

“He just flew in this afternoon, from California,” said Scioli’s mother to The Daily Beast. “We’ve got somebody camping outside the house! This isn’t funny! Whoever did it used his name.”

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