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Hillary Clinton Reportedly Murdered John F. Kennedy Jr: ‘I Am JFK’ Opens Pandora Box Of Conspiracy Theories

Hillary Clinton Reportedly Murdered John F. Kennedy Jr: ‘I Am JFK’ Opens Pandora Box Of Conspiracy Theories
A Piper Saratoga similar to N9253N, the aircraft flown by John F. Kennedy Jr. on the night of the accident Tony Hisgett from Birmingham, UK / Wikimedia Commons cc

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Hillary Clinton Reportedly Murdered John F. Kennedy Jr: ‘I Am JFK’ Opens Pandora Box Of Conspiracy Theories

Roger Stone is a high-profile Donald Trump supporter who declared that he holds evidence that Bill and Hillary Clinton “murdered” John F. Kennedy Jr.

John F. Kennedy Jr. was the most beloved descendant of America’s proudest political dynasty. He was also the editor of George magazine and the man who made Elaine Benes lose an essential contest.

In a recent documentary called I Am JFK Jr., the American prince gets an important spotlight. The new documentary delves deep into his life through those who knew him best.

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The documentary incorporates interviews with close friends of John F. Kennedy Jr., including celebrities Robert De Niro, Cindy Crawford, Larry Flint, Chris Cuomo, and even Ann Coulter, said Vanity Fair.

Currently, old reports about the death of JFK Jr. are resurfacing. Moreover, after the documentary aired, people are more willing to talk about the biggest conspiracy theory behind his death.

According to Stone, JFK Jr. was murdered because he prepared to run for the same senate seat of Hillary Clinton in New York, reported Daily Mail.

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Stone has written several books attacking the Clintons in the past. He claimed that his next book will easily prove how and why Bill and Hillary Clinton were involved in the death of JFK Jr.

JFK Jr. was killed when the plane he was piloting went down on July 16, 1999. It also killed his wife Carolyn Bessette and her sister Lauren.

“I have a book coming up, in which I make the case that John F. Kennedy Jr. was murdered — and he was murdered by the , because he was in the way.” Stone said.

“Now, I have extraordinary new evidence that nobody else has seen.”

Stone was also a high political aide to the late U.S. president Richard Nixon.

Another old theory said that JFK Jr was absolutely aware of the conspiracy behind his father’s death. He was about to prove it.

It was reported as a theory that George Bush Sr. was directly involved in the assassination of JFK Sr. Back then, Bush was a senior CIA operative.

According to Pop Dust, Bush arranged the events in Dallas on November 22 1963. The publication also reported that he was also there in Dealy Plaza the exact moment the trigger was pulled.

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