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Hillary Clinton Mini-Strokes: Obama Staff Leaked Clinton’s True Medical Condition

Hillary Clinton Mini-Strokes: Obama Staff Leaked Clinton’s True Medical Condition
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Hillary Clinton Mini-Strokes: Obama Staff Leaked Clinton’s True Medical Condition

Hillary Clinton suffered from mini-strokes during her term as secretary of state. However, it was kept hush-hush and a completely guarded secret.

But, now President Barack Obama’s seniors advisors told Radar Online that Democratic Presidential candidate suffered a couple of mini-strokes when she was serving as secretary of state.

The news reportedly first came out during a discussion of highly-placed Democrats in February 2015, sources revealed to Radar Online.

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A source told that the news is completely true. The insider has spoken to the Obama aide.

“This is not some right-wing media diagnosis. The truth is Hillary suffered two strokes while in office. They were both hushed up,” he said.

But, Hillary Clinton’s health concern or the leak of her medical condition was reportedly sabotage. It is linked to a fight between two factions of the Democrats, mainly Clintons and the Obamas.

It has been reported that both the Clintons and the Obamas have had a very violent relationship ever since the presidential campaign in 2008. In the year Barack Obama became president and Hillary lost to him.

During that time, it has been said that Obama preferred Joe Biden as his Vice President nominee instead of Hillary Clinton and hence the clash. But, Obama’s officials discussing Hillary’s medical condition openly, raises a pertinent question whether the Prez had anything to do with it.

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Hillary’s health has been a long time concern. She has had blackouts, falls, memory losses, blinding headaches, vision problems, and collapses spanning about 10 years.

So when Hillary Clinton fainted during the 9/11 commemoration anniversary, did she really have a mini-stoke is a question to be pondered over. The 68-year-old fainted while speaking in Buffalo, New York in 2005.

She fell mysteriously and fractured her right elbow at the US State department garage in 2009. In 2011, Hillary “slipped or tripped when she collapsed while boarding a flight in Yemen.”

Meanwhile, in 2012, she hit her head and collapsed at her home in Washington D.C. Hillary Clinton then reportedly suffered a concussion and a blood clot formed between her brain and skull.

Even former President Bill Clinton’s statement about the whole controversy surrounding Hillary’s health was also somewhat telling. But, Hillary told CNN that her episodes of fainting have happened twice.

“Rarely, on more than one occasion, over the last many, many years, the same sort of thing’s happened to her when she got severely dehydrated, and she’s worked like a demon, as you know, as secretary of state, as a senator, and in the years since,” former President Bill Clinton told during an interview with CBS Monday.

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