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Hillary Clinton Laughs At Raped Child – Find Out Kathy Shelton’s Whereabouts

Hillary Clinton Laughs At Raped Child – Find Out Kathy Shelton’s Whereabouts
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Hillary Clinton Laughs At Raped Child – Find Out Kathy Shelton’s Whereabouts

At the age of twelve, Kathy Shelton was raped by a 41-year-old factory worker, in 1975. The alleged rapist was defended in court by none other than Hillary Clinton.

The alleged rape victim was from Springdale, Arkansas, and was now 54 years old. Thomas Alfred Taylor, her alleged rapist, had been charged with first-degree rape.

However, his charges were reduced from first-degree rape to “unlawful fondling of a child under 14” because of the lack of valid evidence on the case. Taylor served only 10 months of a mere one-year sentence and died in 1992.

According to an early report by Morning News USA, in an interview, Hillary Clinton had allegedly laughed at the fact that Taylor received a reduced sentence even though she knew that he was guilty.

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It was this year, when Kathy Shelton came forward, while giving an interview to Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper. It had been revealed that she had not realized the Democratic nominee was Taylor’s defense lawyer, until 2008.

She came to know about the whole case after 33 years, after a New York newspaper published a full-length story about the case, and talked about Clinton’s role in it.

“I don’t think [Clinton’s] for women or girls. I think she’s lying, I think she said anything she can to get in the campaign and win,” Shelton said.

“If she was [an advocate for women and children], she wouldn’t have done that to me at 12 years old.”

Federal Election Commission discovered that a payment was made to Shelton, by the Committee to Restore America’s Greatness PAC, founded by Trump ally Roger Stone. According to the Chicago Tribune, the payment was described to be as “contract labor”

As news media went along to ask about the reason for the payment, Roger Stone replied to questions in an email.

“[Shelton] was extensively interviewed on video about her experience with Hillary Clinton and was paid for her time.” Stone said.

Shelton also said that the heinous sexual assault that she encountered, left her with extensive internal and external injuries. She said that coma took over her body. She had also acquired stitched in her genital area.

“When I came out of the coma, I had several stitches down there. They tore me up bad,” she said.

“The doctors said there was a 99 percent chance I couldn’t have kids. I have been with a couple men after that, it took me a long time to grow there. But I never had any kids.”

Shelton had been an ardent critic of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. According to her, the Democratic nominee had never worked for the protection of young boys and girls.

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