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Hillary Clinton Health Latest News: Obama Conspires For Secret Medical Check-up

Hillary Clinton Health Latest News: Obama Conspires For Secret Medical Check-up
Hillary Clinton Feb 3 2008 Calebrw / Wikimedia Commons cc

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Hillary Clinton Health Latest News: Obama Conspires For Secret Medical Check-up

Since United States president Barack Obama is concerned about Hillary Clinton’s health, he recently offered to prepare a secret medical checkup.

The checkup meant for Clinton would take place at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, reports say.

However, the former secretary of state refused the offer because she was scared the media would find out about her visit. She was scared that the media might learn the truth behind her medical condition.

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According to the Daily Mail, Clinton feared the checkup as she did not want anybody to discover that she is suffering from arrhythmia (an abnormal heart beat), chronic low blood pressure, improper blood flow, a leaking heart valve, formation of life-threatening blood clots, and other disastrous effects from her medications.

The former First Lady prepared her own clandestine medical visits to the New York-Presbyterian Hospital. There, she arrives through a private entrance away from public sight, and it is the only place where she could trust doctors’ discretion not to speak to the media.

It was reported that her doctors prescribed a blood thinner called Coumadin and a beta blocker to treat her arrhythmia and heart-valve problem. But these medicines have major side effects, which made her drowsy and tired.

These medications would affect Clinton’s body by lowering her blood pressure, resulting to frequent moments of light-headedness and fainting spells.

According to CBS News, Clinton is currently ahead of Republican Donald Trump by four points (45 percent to 41 percent) in a four-way race to become President of the United States. The publication also stated that every eight in ten of both Trump and Clinton supporters will be concerned about the future of the country if the other nominee turned out to be president.

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