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Hillary Clinton Health: Dying Before Elections, Petit Mal Seizures And Blood Clot, Report

Hillary Clinton Health: Dying Before Elections, Petit Mal Seizures And Blood Clot, Report
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Hillary Clinton Health: Dying Before Elections, Petit Mal Seizures And Blood Clot, Report

Issues regarding the health of Democratic presidential bet Hillary Clinton has taken the limelight as the 2016 U.S. Elections draws near. Each day, while Clinton’s camp remains mum on the precise status of the former Secretary of State, alleged diagnoses of the presidential wannabe are starting to surface.

Among the newest medical conditions hurled against the 68-year-old presidential candidate include petit mal seizures and blood clot. As previously reported by Morning News USA, several health experts have weighed in on the true illness of Clinton.

Bill Clinton: Hillary Was Sick Even Before

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton, husband of Hillary, has publicly admitted that his wife was sick even before. Bill told Reuter’s Charlie Rose in an exclusive interview that his wife had health issues similar to that of Sunday’s incident.

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But the former president, however, said Hillary was able to work through the condition. He said the same episode did happen in the past, many years ago, which is usually triggered by dehydration.

According to online medical resource website Health Line, petit mal seizures, commonly known as absence epilepsy in the medical field, is characterized by brief episodes of seizures or temporary changes in the brain activity that usually lasts for about 15 minutes.

Absence Seizures

Because of its brief duration, and since its symptoms are barely noticeable as opposed to typical seizures, individuals with this condition rarely get medical attention, which leads to the worsening of the illness. This does not mean that the condition should be taken lightly, as any form of loss of consciousness, whether brief of prolonged, is still dangerous.

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Some of the key symptoms of petit mal seizures:

  • staring off into space
  • smacking the lips together
  • fluttering eyelids
  • stopping speech in the middle of a sentence
  • making sudden hand movements
  • leaning forward or backward
  • appearing suddenly motionless

Doctors remain clueless about the true, probable cause of petit mal seizures, but genes may play a major role for the person to develop such neurologic disorder.

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