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Hillary Clinton Faked Nevada Audience: Watch Proof Of Tampered Video Here

Hillary Clinton Faked Nevada Audience: Watch Proof Of Tampered Video Here
Hillary Clinton 2 DNC July 2016 Ali Shaker/VOA / Wikimedia Commons Public Domain


Hillary Clinton Faked Nevada Audience: Watch Proof Of Tampered Video Here

It was reported by a conspiracy theory video that Hillary Clinton used a green screen to fake a crowd during her speech in Nevada on August 2016.

The video was posted on YouTube on August 25.

According to the YouTube video, the most intriguing detail behind this theory were the cellphones used to take pictures by members of the audience in front of the podium, where Clinton was delivering her speech.

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The narrator of the video claimed that the images on the audience’s cellphones are totally different from the images seen on the television feed.

The narrator said that when the former First Lady arrived at the podium, the cellphone screens were showing the expected footage. However, when she finished her speech and moved towards the audience behind her, the cellphone screens started showing something different.

“It looks like a white wall. There’s no American flags. There’s no red white or blue signs. There’s no mob of people. It looks like an empty set,” the narrator said.

“So the question is, was the floor audience inserted by a green screen? Was the floor audience real there? Because the floor audience is holding up there phones and their not seeing any of this.”

The second thing he pointed out is the division between the audience facing the podium and the set behind the podium. The narrator claimed that these areas were divided by a black boundary (like the ones we see in movie screens) running across the whole room.

The narrator stated that the Democratic nominee’s campaign did use a green screen instead of actually getting Hillary Clinton to Nevada because of her seizures and allegedly degrading health.

A CNN article said that there was a coolness among the Nevada audience while they greeted the Democratic candidate, which showed her weakness as a candidate. The publication said that if Donald Trump starts behaving appropriately in the coming weeks, chances of the former First Lady filing in Nevada is possible.

However, Snopes totally denied the “fake audience theory” stated by the video. The website shows appropriate photos where the former Secretary of State is seen shaking hands with the “fake” audience.

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