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Hillary Clinton Dropping From Presidential Race, Report

Hillary Clinton Dropping From Presidential Race, Report
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Hillary Clinton Dropping From Presidential Race, Report

A tweet from Hannah Chanpong, a reporter for CBS, alleged that Hillary Clinton is dropping out from the presidential race.

The Twitter page belonging to Chanpong is getting a great amount of attention. The page says that she is working for CBS on the campaign trail covering the Democratic presidential candidate. This made the tweet powerful enough to attain publicity.

According to the tweet, which can be seen below, Chanpong reportedly claimed that a source from within the camp said Hillary Clinton might drop out of the presidential race. She also claimed that the former First Lady’s staff is quitting due to these concerns.

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The tweet came after the FBI released information about the Democratic presidential candidate’s emails. The report given by the FBI said that the bureau did not come across evidence confirming that classified information, stored by the former Secretary of State on her private server email, were compromised.

However, the report stated that the bureau discovered that “hostile foreign actors” gained access to the personal email accounts of people contacted by the Democratic presidential candidate. This inferred, the FBI report said, that the “hostile foreign actors” could easily obtain emails sent or received by the former First Lady on her personal account.

Snopes, on the other hand, said that the tweet itself was a hoax. According to the publication, it would look more believable if a reporter from a huge media network posts the tweet then immediately deletes it, but that still hasn’t happened.

The publication said that the picture in the tweet shows “retweets” and “favorites,” but “favorites” had been replaced with “likes” by Twitter on November 2015. It was ultimately claimed that the tweet was fake and was never published by Chanpong.

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