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Hillary Clinton Dropping Out: Democrats May Get Behind Another Candidate

Hillary Clinton Dropping Out: Democrats May Get Behind Another Candidate
Hillary Clinton Testimony to House Select Committee on Benghazi C-SPAN / Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

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Hillary Clinton Dropping Out: Democrats May Get Behind Another Candidate

With Hillary Clinton dropping out of the presidential race a possible scenario, does the Democratic Party have a plan B? The party is so heavily invested in her campaign which now begs the question, what would happen if she quits?

For weeks the Trump camp has railed about her allegedly failing health. His allegations have gained even more steam after she was diagnosed with pneumonia early this month. This is further on top of the many scandals for which she is now currently undergoing investigation.

Now Info Wars has reported that top democrats are threatening that Hillary Clinton dropping out is a possibilty if she fails to show up at the first presidential debate. Democrats have also begun holding special meetings to find a replacement as the media wonder if she is well enough to continue the campaign.

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But can the party’s leadership really let go of her that easily? Especially considering the time and resources they put it to get her to where she is now?

Is Hillary Clinton Dropping Out Of The Race A Possibility?

For starters, Sec. Clinton can only be replaced as the nominee if she herself decides to step down. And there are no indications that she has any plans of abandoning the nomination she has fought for since 2008.

According to the Telegraph, a journalist has anchored for Al Jazeera America and MSNBC quoted an operative from the DNC that the party has entered “unchartered political territory.” The party might plead or force Mrs. Clinton to abandon the race if she does fail to show up at the debate. But Democratic Party by-laws are clear, her status as the nominee is completely up to her and to her alone.

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But should she decide to drop out of the race, are there any possible candidates the Democrats can get behind on? Her replacement will have to face the daunting task of uniting the party behind them as well as dismantle Donald Trump.

The most obvious choices would be Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. But are they really up for the job? Biden has hardly been getting the spotlight except for when his creepy side was made fun of by late night comedy.

As for Sanders, his candidacy was thrown under the bus in favor of Sec. Clinton. His platform was sabotaged and this has since cast doubt about his campaign.

After the demolition job carried out by his own party, it would be difficult for him to solidify his power base. This is especially true considering the remaining time before the election.

So is Hillary Clinton dropping out an option for the Democratic Party? Unless they want a landslide victory for Donald Trump, the answer is a definite no.

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