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Hillary Clinton Rumored Dead: Flies Swarm In Democrats Face

Hillary Clinton Rumored Dead: Flies Swarm In Democrats Face
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Hillary Clinton Rumored Dead: Flies Swarm In Democrats Face

Editor’s note: You are viewing Morning News USA’s Debunked section. This section contains news that we have investigated and uncovered to be fake news, satire news, hoaxes and urban legends.

At the second presidential debate on Sunday, netizens went insane over the incident in which a fly landed on Hillary Clinton.

The entire Internet went crazy after a fly landed on former Secretary of State’s face during the second presidential debate. In an instant, the web started making a fuzz over the insect.

The incident thwarted out incessant conspiracy theories. Theorists immediately jumped onto the most strange sight and tried to use it as proof that the former First Lady wad actually a robot.

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According to Daily Star, social network users went into complete disarray over the incident after Hillary Clinton was unable to react when the fly landed on her face.

However, the most terrifying opinion was served by an insect expert, who went further ahead. He indicated that the fly was a sign proving that the Democratic nominee was in reality – a decaying corpse.

It was stated by entomologist Dmitry Musolin that flies only land somewhere to eat or to lay eggs. He said that a corpse which is decomposing would act as a really good place to lay eggs as it would be a proper meal for developing larvae.

“Roughly speaking, a half-rotted corpse of some animal would be more appealing [to a fly] than a candidate for president because they can lay their eggs on the corpse and the larvae will develop well.” Dmitry Musolin said.

It was last month when speculations were blasting out as many thought that the former First Lady was dead, after she appeared to collapse at a 9/11 memorial event last month. Truth seekers also presented, what they claimed was, photographic evidence that the Democratic nominee had been replaced by a body double.

However, Snopes reported that the idea of Hillary Clinton had died in 1998 and had been replaced by a clone since then, was untrue. The publication said that the whole thing lacked credibility as no known cloned humans have grown past the very early stages of maturation.


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