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Hillary Clinton Reportedly Cheated: May Have Had Questionnaire Ahead Of The Debate

Hillary Clinton Reportedly Cheated: May Have Had Questionnaire Ahead Of The Debate
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Hillary Clinton Reportedly Cheated: May Have Had Questionnaire Ahead Of The Debate

In the first presidential debate held at the Hofstra University on Monday, media crowned Hillary Clinton as the winner. However, now it is being reported that the Democratic presidential candidate did not use fair means to win the debate.

Did Hillary Clinton actually cheat for her strong performance in the first debate against Republican nominee Donald Trump? According to information available from within the 68-year-old’s camp, she was given the entire set of debate questions a week before the actual debate.

According to The Baltimore Gazette, last week an NBC intern (dressed as a Fed Ex employee) was seen hand delivering a package to Clinton’s campaign headquarters, sources said. The package was directly delivered to the office of Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager.

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A reporter from Fox News questioned the campaign staff of Clinton, but they said the Fed Ex employee had already left, however there was no vehicle outside. The publication claimed that Hillary Clinton had very clear cut answers to all the questions during the debate.

It has been claimed that she memorized facts and numbers for specific questions. How is this possible without knowing the questions she would be asked?

But, at the same time it is unlikely that Hillary Clinton was given the debate questions. However, according to Snopes, The Baltimore Gazette is fake site.

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Snopes claims that the site is a hoax site and its social media buttons don’t link to any online presence. Besides, the topics are only placeholders without any content and the address in the contact us section is a non-existent.

When asked about her preparedness for the debate, Hillary Clinton said: “I think Donald just criticized me for preparing for this debate. And yes I did. And you know what else I prepared for? I prepared to be president. And I think that’s a good thing,” USA Today reports.

Donald Trump tried to corner her by asking that she was absent from the campaign trail for days together. For prepping up for the first presidential debate, the former secretary of state conducted two-a-day debate sessions on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, CNN reports.

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Hillary Clinton did not leave the Doral Arrowwood hotel until past 11 p.m. Ron Klain, played moderator Lester Holt during the session. He advised President Barack Obama, besides running part of Clinton’s debate prep, an aide of the latter said.

Aides said that Philippe Reines, a longtime adviser played Trump in the sessions to the point that he even wore a red tie and cufflinks to look like the Republican candidate. Though Reines did not mimic Donald Trump’s voice, his mannerisms was on-point.

He perfectly mastered the hand gesture of Trump known as “the cobra” (Trump brings his fingers together like a snake ready to pounce). Hillary Clinton was both surprised and all praise for Reines.

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