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Hillary Clinton Calls Uber’s Employment Practices ‘Wage Theft,’

Hillary Clinton Calls Uber’s Employment Practices ‘Wage Theft,’
Image from Hillary Clinton’s Facebook Page


Hillary Clinton Calls Uber’s Employment Practices ‘Wage Theft,’

The employment practices of on-demand Internet-based organizations do not appeal to Democrat presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, who is known for being the champion of human rights.

When Clinton presented her economic policies, it was apparent that she does not approve of businesses that employed contractual employees, rather than regular employees. Being an advocate of the labor sector, Clinton seeks to put an end to employers who misclassify “workers as contractors.”

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For that matter, Uber Technologies and other similar businesses will be included in Clinton’s campaign agenda. She said that while Uber and other related businesses are “unleashing innovations,” their hiring practices are tantamount to “wage theft.”

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“They are depriving people of vital benefits like paid maternity leave and sick days,” Clinton gave her opinion, albeit she did not elaborate on how she would solve the issue without sacrificing both the economy and worker’s rights. But she believes proper legislation can fix the problem and afford the labor sector a sturdier safety net, Engadget reports.

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Clinton has been empathetic especially to women. But since launching her presidential bid, she expanded her advocacy to include human rights. She is capitalizing on the middle-class and lower levels, which according to her, need more attention from the government. Equality of wages is among her platforms that attract hundreds of thousands of supporters.

On Monday, Clinton lay down her economic vision focusing on “defining economic challenge of our life” by giving a lift to middle-class wages.

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