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Hillary Clinton Busted: 15,000 Unturned Emails, Candidacy In Danger?

Hillary Clinton Busted: 15,000 Unturned Emails, Candidacy In Danger?
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Hillary Clinton Busted: 15,000 Unturned Emails, Candidacy In Danger?

Hillary Clinton and her email saga will not end anytime soon. With elections round the corner, President Barack Obama’s administration admitted that Clinton did not disclose close to 14,900 emails to the government that were collected by the FBI.

The email controversy is likely to spell doom for the former first lady in her run up to the elections. Officials from the State Department are facing intense pressure to release these emails before the elections are held. They will have to release the entire lot by the end of September 2016, Washington Times reports.

A federal district court judge James E. Boasberg has ordered the State Department to accelerate the process of releasing the emails. This comes after the Department had said that they would be able to set a timeline not until October.

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Critics fear that the Barack Obama administration may try and delay the release of the emails after the elections. “If they wanted the records out quickly, they’d be out quickly. If they don’t want the records out quickly, they’ll let politics intrude on the process and the American people won’t see them until Election Day,” said Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch.

In December 2014, the Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton had said that she had turned over all her emails to the State Department.  However the existence of more emails spells trouble for her.

To give another aspect of the story, that former Secretary of State Colin L. Powell may have suggested to her to use a secret account. There is speculation that he may have asked Clinton to use another account rather than the one given to her by the State Department.

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However, Powell has denied the claims. When asked about the email fiasco, he said that Hillary Clinton’s people have been trying to pin the email fiasco on him.

Powell was at a social function in New York over the weekend. During her four year tenure Hillary Clinton did not use her official email account.

She used an email account tied up to a server at her New York residence. This arrangement helped her to bypass open-records laws and shielded her communications from the public for more than six years.

For this she took help of three companies to secure her server from threats. The companies were Datto Inc, Secnap Network Security Corp and Platte River Networks. Datto Inc helped her with the backup of her server, whereas Secnap sold her a threat monitoring application and Platte River Networks helped to run the server.

In a subpoena filed by Rep Lamar Smith on Monday, he demanded answers from the three companies, which was declined due to privacy reasons.

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