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High School Senior Poses In Taco Bell For Yearbook Photos

High School Senior Poses In Taco Bell For Yearbook Photos
Taco Bell Mike Mozart / Flickr CC BY 2.0


High School Senior Poses In Taco Bell For Yearbook Photos

So, you’re about to leave high school and there’s just one thing left to do: post for your yearbook photos. These are the very photos you will be looking at whenever you want to reminisce about high school days or if you simply want to show them to your future husband or grandchildren.

So every senior knows how important these photos are. And for Brittany Creech, there is nothing better than being able to share her most important moment with her favorite dining spot, Taco Bell.

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And so, that is how Brittany of St. Louis, Missouri, decided to head to a Taco Bell with a photographer to take a series of photos (some of which are glamour shots) for her high school yearbook. She told CNBC that she actually posed for some classic senior photos outside, while wearing her Cardinal’s jersey. But soon, she also decided take a bunch of photos inside the restaurant. Lucky for her, her photographer, Brendan Batchelor, was more than happy to do it.

Senior Photos Gone Viral

Batchelor had said he never imagined that his collaborative work with Creech would get so much attention. Creech, for starters, now has about 61,000 followers on Twitter. Previously, she had 55,000.

Moreover, Batchelor is now getting a stream of requests to do similar photo shoots. But he’s been turning them down as it is not exactly the kind of photography he’s into. And also, he is about to head to college. Moreover, Batchelor also hopes to be able to transfer to the University of Missouri’s photojournalism program during his sophomore year.

Meanwhile, Taco Bell has yet to comment officially, but they did acknowledge the recent photo shoot.

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