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High-end Call Girl Pleads Guilty For Google Exec’s Drug Overdose

High-end Call Girl Pleads Guilty For Google Exec’s Drug Overdose
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High-end Call Girl Pleads Guilty For Google Exec’s Drug Overdose

High-end call girl Alix Tichelman pleaded guilty to charges of involuntary manslaughter in relation to the death of Google executive Forrest Hayes.

Hayes was found dead on November 2013 in his yacht in the Santa Cruz Small Craft Harbor. Autopsy revealed he died of heroin overdose. Investigations found that Tichelman injected him with the drug. He immediately passed out after the injection but Tichelman left the yacht without calling for help.

Video shows Tichelman calmly left crime scene

Security footage shows that Hayes was obviously suffering medical complications after the injection. Tichelman was seen calmly gathering her things, including drugs and needles. She drunk a glass of wine, lowered the blinds and left the yacht almost nonchalantly.

During initial investigation, Santa Cruz Police Deputy Chief Steve Clark said the video revealed that Tichelman has no regard for the victim.

However, the court has a different reading of what was seen in the video. During court hearing on Tuesday, Santa Cruz Deputy District Attorney Rafael Vasquez said that the video showed Tichelman panicking and attempting to revive Hayes in the first few minutes that he was slipping into unconsciousness. Her charges were downgraded from manslaughter to involuntary manslaughter.

Tichelman is expected to serve three years of County Jail, San Jose Mercury News reported. Tichelman chose to plead guilty in order to avoid standing trial, saving hers and Hayes family from embarrassment, defendant Jerry Christensen said. Tichelman’s father is the CEO of SynapSense Corporation in Folsom. The company is a provider of energy efficient data center infrastructure.

Hayes has two elementary school children. They have since moved away from Santa Cruz County to avoid unwanted public attention.

“We want to convey a sincere apology to the Hayes family. This was an accident and a panic and she is so, so sorry,” Christensen told court.

“It’s a sad and tragic case.The (Hayes) family has dealt with a great deal of stress and scrutiny and a great deal of scorn,” Vasquez said.

A look back at who Alix Tichelman is

Tichelman, who comes from a wealthy family, was engaged in an “ongoing prostitution relationship” with the Google exec, a July 2014 report from USA Today said. Hayes and Tichelman met each other through, a dating website known to be hub for sugar daddies and sugar babies, USA Today reported at that time.

In order for Tichelman to be arrested, an undercover policeman entrapped her by posing as a sugar daddy. She was lured with a promise of $1,000 for sex.

A woman of many talents

Tichelman’s Facebook profile said that she works as a model and a makeup artist. She said she loves to write, especially poems. She also said she is a hustler and an exotic dancer. She bragged about backstage passes to big concerts, USA Today reported.

She aspires to be a novelist. Oddly, she wrote that she feared prison but at the same time hated stupid laws and rules, USA Today noted.

In a poetry titled Heroin, she wrote that she is struggling with drug addiction.

“This private downward spiral-this suffocating black hole, makes you feel so warm inside, yet makes your heart so cold. Each day takes its toll, your thoughts become emotionless, your soul feels too old,” the poem goes.

On June 22, 2012, she posted that her boyfriend, an owner of a music production outfit in Atlanta, gave her a diamond ring.

“Knowing that my life is better than theirs, I have an amazing boyfriend who takes care of me, and a sound and clear conscience when I got to sleep at night,” Tichelman posted on Facebook at that time.

On Jan 11, 2013 she posted that she was happy for having a great boyfriend, nice house, monkeys and loving family. “Doesn’t get any better than this I don’t think,” she said.

On Sept 24, 2013, her boyfriend died of cardiac arrest due to drug overdose.


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