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Hey Anti-Vaxxers, This 12-year-old Has Something To Say

Hey Anti-Vaxxers, This 12-year-old Has Something To Say
Vaccines DO cause autism. Facebook / Marco Arturo

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Hey Anti-Vaxxers, This 12-year-old Has Something To Say

Despite the continuously growing number of science-backed evidences that vaccines help save millions of kids all over the world from life-threatening diseases, there are still some people who are still convinced that the same life-saving shots cause serious illnesses.

To counter these people, a 12-year-old kid took to Facebook by posting a hilarious video that blasts anti-vaxxers and explains why their stance is baseless. Marco Arturo, who describes himself as a scientist on his Facebook, posted the video with a catchy title, “Vaccines DO Cause Autism.”

But upon watching the video, one would realize that the title was somehow misleading, as the video ultimately talks about evidences that support the efficacy and safety of vaccines for children. It got more than six million views after it was published a week ago.

In the video, Marco presented two folders that contain studies backing each claim: vaccines do cause autism and vaccines do not cause autism. For the pro vaccine sides, the folder was filled with studies that support the effectiveness of vaccines.

But for the negative side, the folder was empty. That’s it. Marco said there is still no science-backed evidence that proves that vaccines do cause autism.

Marco’s video trolling parents who refuse to vaccinate their children for fear of risking them to develop autism went viral as soon as it was posted. He also urged parents to have their children vaccinated.

According to the U.S. Centers Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), to date, there’s still no valid evidence that vaccines of any sorts do cause autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

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