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He’s No Trump, Nor Putin, Rodrigo Duterte Now Philippines’ Martyr To Be


He’s No Trump, Nor Putin, Rodrigo Duterte Now Philippines’ Martyr To Be

In what seems to be a roller coaster ride to national elections, presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte continues to make headlines for his promises and insistence on cleaning Philippine streets off of criminals. On top of his aggressive claims, the candidate was quoted saying during the last presidential debate that he would readily die over the Philippines’ claims in the South China Sea.

Morning News USA has previously compared the Filipino presidential candidate to White House hopeful Donald Trump.

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In a recent report, Morning News USA noted the similarities between him and Russian president Vladimir Putin. But a recent presidential debate revealed that the island nation could be closer to having another Jose Rizal, their national hero, in the person of Duterte.

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The controversial presidential candidate is willing to give up his life for the Philippines and over its South China Sea claims. Last Sunday, during the presidential debate, Duterte claimed that he would be ready to die to assert the country’s claims over the South China Sea spat.

“If we win the arbitration case against China and China does not comply, I will not go to war, I will go to China to talk to them.  If they don’t want to talk, then I will ask the Navy to bring me to the nearest boundary at Scarborough, I will ride the jetski and plant the Philippine flag there in their port,” Duterte said as quoted by Interaksyon.

“I will say this is ours, do what you want to do to me.  It is my long time ambition to be a national hero. If I die in South China Sea, then I will leave the crying to my Filipino people,” he added.

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Plagued with controversies from previous comments and media coverage, Philippine presidential candidate reiterated his vow to kill criminal last Saturday during his campaign. More often associated with “Dirty Harry” particularly for this infamous and supposed associated with shadowy vigilante death squads, the Davao mayor has increasingly appeared to be a crowd favorite, as reported by the South China Morning Post.

“The drug pushers, kidnappers, robbers, find them all and arrest them. If they resist, kill them all,” said Duterte before more or less 2,00 people who gathered during his central Manila rally.

“Go ahead and charge me with murder, so I could also kill you.”

Previously, Duterte promised to take out 100,000 criminals and dump them in Manila Bay so “fish will grow fat.” Several political analysts said previously that Duterte’s  profanity-laced campaign stands out especially given in a society with high crimes and dominated by an underclass working under limited opportunities in favor of the very few elite. This is regardless if the candidate has been linked to controversies relating to the Pope and rape.

“I laid out my program to fight crime, illegal drugs and corruption … Should God will me to win, I will fight for the rights as well as the religious freedom of millions,” Duterte was quoted saying previously.

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