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Here’s How To Get The Windows 10 Mobile Upgrade

Here’s How To Get The Windows 10 Mobile Upgrade
Nokia Lumia 820 John Karakatsanis/Flickr CC BY SA 2.0


Here’s How To Get The Windows 10 Mobile Upgrade

According to Microsoft Mexico, the Windows 10 mobile update will start rolling out on compatible Lumia phones on February 29. If this is true, your Windows 8 Lumia device will get Windows 10 in a few days time. But is your device ready to download Windows update?

Windows 10 mobile upgrade will be available only for Lumia phones running Windows 8. Another bad news is that not all the Windows 8 Lumia devices will be able to download Windows update. If your phone is among the eligible ones, here is what you should know before you download Windows update:

Before you start downloading Windows 10 mobile update, check for the same by going to Settings and then “Check for Updates.” You can install it whenever you want to. To download Windows update on your Windows 8 Lumia phone, your phone battery should have at least 50% power. Also, there should be minimum 1.5GB free space on your handset. The space required to install the update again depends on the model you have. Make sure that you are connected to Wi-Fi during the complete process.

Before you download Windows update, remember you will need to install Lumia Denim, v8.10.14219.341 or higher. The update may take somewhere around 30 minutes to finish. Keep checking your phone every now and then for instructions and prompts. Follow every instruction that flashes on your screen. During the process, your phone may restart more than once. This is normal, do not panic. As you wait for the Windows 10 mobile update to roll out, make sure you prepare it for the download. Have the latest Windows 8 update installed on your Lumia phone. Take precautions by setting up a back-up for your Contacts, Pictures, Music, etc.

Even after you install Windows 10 on your Windows 8 Lumia, constantly check for fresh updates and install every available update. To check if your Lumia phone is eligible for the upgrade, click here.

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