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Here’s A Galaxy Bagel That You Can Enjoy With Some Moon Rocks

Here’s A Galaxy Bagel That You Can Enjoy With Some Moon Rocks
Galaxy Bagel With Moon Rock Cream Cheese Instagram


Here’s A Galaxy Bagel That You Can Enjoy With Some Moon Rocks

If you are looking for a bagel that is out of this world, this galaxy bagel is perfect for you. And the best part? You have the option to enjoy it with some tasty moon rocks.

Scot Rossillo is no stranger to making bagels that pop with color. After all, his shop, The Bagel Store, is the very place the put rainbow bagels on the map. Well, today, he thought he would come up with something more mysterious and shiny. That’s why he is also now offering some fantastic Galaxy Bagels.

Unlike the Rainbow Bagels, The Bagel Store’s Galaxy Bagels come in a darker shade of colors to get the galaxy theme going. Aside from that, it is also glittered with colorful sugar to complete the feel of being found from outer space. If you would like, you can always enjoy a Galaxy Bagel on its own. However, if you want to be more adventurous, you can always order your Galaxy Bagel with some Moon Rock Cream Cheese. That’s cream cheese that appears to have large delicious chunks of Oreo cookies mixed into them. Enjoy as many Galaxy Bagels as you would like. Just prepare to line up to score some of these intergalactic treats.

There are other colorful bagels you can enjoy too.

Meanwhile, if you happen to be looking for other colorful bagel creations from The Bagel Store, you can always still order their signature Rainbow Bagel. At the same time, the shop also offers an equally magical Unicorn Bagel. When you place an order, don’t forget to order some of The Bagel Store’s unique cream cheese concoctions too.

If you are looking for something on the sweet side, you can have the Pumpkin Pie Cream Cheese, Blueberry Cream Cheese, Nutella Cream Cheese, Cannoli Cream Cheese or Maple Walnut Cream Cheese. Meanwhile, there are also a lot of savory options here. These include the Lox Cream Cheese, Olive Pimiento Cream Cheese, Vegetable Cream Cheese, Sun-Dried Tomato Cheese, Scallion Cream Cheese as well as the Tomato, Bacon, Scallion Cream Cheese. And if you want something a little more fun and exciting, you can also go with the Birthday Cake (Funfetti) Cream Cheese.

Get your bagel fix now!

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