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Here’s how you can get a free VR headset from NYT

Here’s how you can get a free VR headset from NYT
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Here’s how you can get a free VR headset from NYT

If you’ve always wanted to try out the VR headset, you’re lucky if you are one of the “most loyal” digital only subscribers of the New York Times. The media agency has decided to tag along with Google, once again, and give over 300,000 Google Cardboard headsets according to its newspaper report on Thursday.

As overwhelming it is to believe, this isn’t the first time NYT and Google decided to partner and run a promotional event. Earlier in November 2015, the two companies sent out personal home deliveries to subscribers which brought about one million Google Cardboard viewers.

NYT has confirmed that it will send out the Cardboards by calculating the duration of a customer’s subscription period. This unfortunately weeds out the new subscribers. The need for a promotional event is in support of a new VR film called “Seeking Pluto’s Frigid Heart,” A virtual reality that allows a user to fly around Pluto and witness its “rugged mountains and bright plains” and also stand on the alien surface and viewing its largest moon.

The film was created by the Times partnering with the Lunar and Planetary Institute and the Universities Space Research Association. The app was launched in November and also provides features that allow journalists to express their stories in an innovative way through immersive 360-degree video.

The Google Cardboard is a reasonably priced VR headset which is actually delivered to us in a DYI form or can purchase a pre built version. During the initial development of facebook’s Oculus VR, Google introduced the Cardboard VR at its I/O developer conference in 2014 and caused massive outrageous sales.

Reports have confirmed that the Cardboard devices will be shipped by NYT next month. Furthermore, The “Seeking Pluto’s Frigid Heart” film will be available to interact through Youtube and NYT VR app for Android and iOS on May 19.

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