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Here’s Why Users Are Ditching Android To Buy 4-Inch iPhone SE

Here’s Why Users Are Ditching Android To Buy 4-Inch iPhone SE
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Here’s Why Users Are Ditching Android To Buy 4-Inch iPhone SE

Recently, Apple launched a new 4-inch iPhone SE at an event. Not many were happy with the company’s decision to go back to 4-inch screens when everyone is still demanding for iPhone screen sizes to increase. But it looks like the iPhone maker has made the right decision, thereby pulling Android crowd toward their product.

Slice Intelligence, a few days ago, released a sales data report for the 4-inch iPhone SE. The report says that the phone isn’t getting a lot of attention from existing iPhone users; the sales are coming from Android users.

Even though the figures states that more than Android, Apple buyers are purchasing the newly launched devices, we cannot forget that the numbers are going down. In the report, Slice Intelligence wrote, “The number of iPhone SEs bought the first weekend of availability was 94 percent smaller than the iPhone 6S launch, which was 46 percent the number of iPhone 6 devices sold when it was released.”

The company in the report further added,

“Early data from Slice Intelligence indicates that the SE may help Apple grow its maturing iPhone consumer base.   Only 35 percent of iPhone SE buyers purchased an iPhone online in the past two years, and 16 percent of them were previously Android users. By comparison, 49 percent of iPhone 6S buyers upgraded from a previous iPhone, and 10 percent replaced an Android device they bought online within the past two years.”

So why are Android users ditching Android for a 4-inch iPhone SE, when they have options like Galaxy S7 or the upcoming Note 5 as options? First, iPhone users would trade their phones for a better iPhone. No, that does not mean that the latest smartphone from Apple isn’t worth it. We can, however, say that for iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus owners, it is like buying an iPhone they have used in the past.

The 4-inch iPhone SE is for someone who has always wanted to buy an Apple product, but due to the budget, they could not. Compared to the last iPhones, this phone is affordable but still has the best features from old iPhones. When Samsung decided to ditch the SD card, experts said Android users may think about switching to Apple. This seems valid now. When given the chance, Android users can ditch their Androids for an Apple.

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