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Heavy Flooding Kills 3 People In Texas And Oklahoma

Heavy Flooding Kills 3 People In Texas And Oklahoma
Garland, Texas winter 2010 Robert Nunnally / Flickr CC BY 2.0


Heavy Flooding Kills 3 People In Texas And Oklahoma

Three people were killed and hundreds were homeless after a record-breaking rainfall swept off homes in Texas and Oklahoma. A family was also reported missing.

Among the dead is a Tulsa woman who died after her car crashed into another car, informed Keli Cain, the state’s emergency management. Early Sunday, a firefighter lost his life in the town of Claremore while rescuing people.

Another casualty was reported in San Marcos, Texas, where a man was killed in the flood.

“We do have whole streets that have maybe one or two houses left on them, and the rest are just slabs,” said Kharley Smith, who is the emergency management coordinator in Hays County.

The dangerous flood caused serious damage around Texas and Oklahoma. Smith claimed that between 350 and 400 homes in the Texas County have gone missing while more than 1,000 homes were damaged. Two main bridges were swept away or sustained major structural damage.

San Marcos, Texas was mainly affected. Fire Marshal Ken Bell confirmed the death of one person while crews searched for three missing people. Bell informed that many people were trapped in various areas but the rescue team could not reach victims due to severe weather.

Authorities are yet to measure the extent of damage.

“Right now is not the time to return to your homes,” Bell said Sunday after the weather forced hundreds of residents to evacuate.

“We have infrastructure damage throughout the entire county (of Hays),” he said. “There are power lines down, debris in the roadways, bridges undermined — this is not the time to start moving.”

Sheriff’s office spokeswoman Lt. Jeri Skrocki informed that around 1,000 affected people were rescued and given shelter. Authorities are planning to open more evacuation centers as the number of affected victims are fast increasing.

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