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Heart Wrenching Moments As Parents Watch ‘Proof Of Life’ Video From Boko Haram

Heart Wrenching Moments As Parents Watch ‘Proof Of Life’ Video From Boko Haram
Proof of life for some kidnapped Chibok schoolgirls Youtube / CNN


Heart Wrenching Moments As Parents Watch ‘Proof Of Life’ Video From Boko Haram

They’re alive, but far from free. In 2014, some 200 schoolgirls from Chibok, Nigeria were abducted by armed group Boko Haram, an incident that shook not only Nigeria, but also the entire world.

Two years have passed, and families of the abducted girls have heard nothing about their daughters until the notorious group sent a video as “proof of life.” The video, which was exclusively obtained by CNN, immediately circulated around the world as soon as it was published online (see below).

Although only 15 of the more than 200 girls are shown captive by the militant group, hopes of recovering the girls alive immediately shot up. This adds pressure to the Nigerian government to rescue the abducted girls safely.

According to a report from the ABC News, the video was taken by Boko Haram sometime in December last year, which was sent to the Nigerian government as proof that the abducted girls are still alive. It was then publicized through CNN on April 14, which marks the second anniversary of the Chibok girls’ abduction.

In Kenya, local rights activists are slamming the government’s failure to rescue the girls in the last two years. The Kenyan government’s failure to bring the abducted girls back has created international uproar from various groups. But the pressure seems ineffective, as two years have already passed and the girls’ liberty remains curtailed.

Several groups and foreign governments have pledged support to help rescue the abducted girls. On Thursday, the British government has committed to help bring back the girls by intensifying its military and intelligence aid to the Nigerian government, CNN reported.

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