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Hear The Terrifying Sandra Bullock 911 Call During Stalker Break-in

Hear The Terrifying Sandra Bullock 911 Call During Stalker Break-in
Image from Flickr by David Torcivia


Hear The Terrifying Sandra Bullock 911 Call During Stalker Break-in

Image from Flickr by David Torcivia

Image from Flickr by David Torcivia

The terrifying 911 call actress Sandra Bullock placed during a stalker break-in was played in court on Thursday’s preliminary hearing. In the call, Bullock can be heard crying while hiding inside a closet for safety. The actress had locked herself in upon waking up to loud banging on her bedroom door.

Her stalker, Joshua Corbett, has been charged with burglary and stalking on top of charges involving possession of guns and ammunition.

Sandra Bullock face-to-face with stalker

In June 2014, Bullock had come face-to-face with the stalker who broke inside her house. She found herself looking straight into eyes of Corbett right outside her bedroom, TMZ reported at the time.

According to the report from TMZ, Bullock heard a loud banging on her door at 1 a.m. She saw Corbett wearing dark clothes, prompting Bullock to lock the door and hide inside her closet where she placed the 911 call.

When police arrived at the scene, Corbett begged Bullock not to press charges. According to police, Corbett was carrying a notebook with pictures of the actress. He also had penned love notes inside.

“I will forever be thinking of you and Louie, my son, as you are my wife by law, the law of God and you belong to me and me to you,” Corbett wrote in one note, as revealed by TMZ.

He has also forgiven Bullock for anything she may have done to ruin their imaginary relationship and told her she is “hot and intelligent.”

Sandra Bullock 911 call proves Corbett is dangerous

On Thursday, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Terry Bork ruled that the emergence of Bullock’s 911 call proves that Corbett was a danger. Lawyers for Corbett argued he had no intentions of hurting Bullock. The break-in was motivated by his delusional claim that he and the actress were married, they argued as reported by the Associated Press.

“The love letter that Mr. Corbett carried with him professed nothing but love and admiration. There is nothing in there about harming her. The people are trying to make more of the case than there is,” attorney Paul Takakjian told court.

However, Deputy District Attorney Wendy Segall said Corbett was found to have come to Bullock’s house three nights in a row before the actual break-in.

“It’s clear that he was stalking her repeatedly and maliciously. There is not a more clear-cut case of stalking than this one,” Segall told court.

Furthermore, the notebook carried by Corbett during the night of the accident contained explicit photos of Bullock. This indicated sexual desire, judge Bork said.

“One sees there is more than merely a desire for connubial bliss, however misplaced,” Bork said.


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