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HBO Westworld Premiere: Watch ‘The Original’ Online For Free!

HBO Westworld Premiere: Watch ‘The Original’ Online For Free!
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HBO Westworld Premiere: Watch ‘The Original’ Online For Free!

On Sunday, HBO premiered it’s new drama Westworld. As a new fall show It has already created a huge buzz. “The Original” is the pilot episode, and has been HBO’s highest-rated premiere since True Detective. The series gloats with a critic score of 87% on Rotten Tomatoes and it has been agreed in the reviews that the show has started on a strong note.

The Verge analyses that apart from it’s high production value, it has got a twisty and rich plot, and an abundance of human decadence. HBO has put the “Original” to watch online for free after just 2 days of it’s premiere. The unsettling and sprawling pilot of Westworld is available on the internet to anyone with or without subscription.

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According to ScreenRant,the description of the free episode reads as : “Explore a world in which no human appetite, no matter how noble or depraved, can be indulged. Begin watching the first episode for free.”

The series  is loosely based on a  1973 movie with the same name , it amplifies the original concept and delves into the internal lives of the robots, or “Hosts” who populate the West World park. Here, they survive to please and satisfy the whims of the Human “Guests”, even if it involves death.

“The Original” lays the central themes and setting of Westworld. It promises to provide mesmerising ways to depict the working of futuristic theme parks along with the interaction of human and automated characters.

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With the presence of characters like Dr. Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins), Dolores Abernathy (Evan Rachel Wood) and the suspicious Man in Black(Ed Harris) it’s set to become the upcoming Game of Thrones. According to THR, the budget for the first season of Westworld is $100 million.

Through this online premiere of Westworld, HBO hopes to gain unsubscribed users to get subsribed  in order to have their full commitment towards the network. Though piracy has always been an issue, but a show like Game Of Thrones has proved the power of success through their number of subscribers.

Watch Westworld’s second episode “Chestnut”  on October 9, at 9p.m. on HBO

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