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HBO GO Crashes during ‘True Detective’ Finale

HBO GO Crashes during ‘True Detective’ Finale


HBO GO Crashes during ‘True Detective’ Finale

Millions of television viewers tuned in last Sunday night to catch the final episode of HBO’s hit mini-series ‘True Detective.’ Supposedly, millions would also be able to enjoy the show online through HBO GO. However, there was a technical glitch that disallowed them to do so.

Again, Twitter became an instant venue where people posted their rants and complaints about poor services. Last Sunday night, it was filled with tweets about the poor service regarding the outage of HBO GO.  After the 9 p.m. (ET) beginning of the eighth and what was supposed to be the final episode of that TV series, many people were complaining about how they were unable to access the online streaming site that time.

To redeem itself.HBO GO was able to quickly explain itself in Twitter. On its official Twitter account, the online channel simply said that due to ‘overwhelmingly popular demand,’ the TV show’s episode would not be streamed online due to a technical issue. It even advised readers to try again soon.

Post scenario online

Several hours later, it was expected that ‘True Detective’ fans were gnashing their teeth about the issue. But HBO GO treated the situation as if everything was already resolved.

On Monday morning, HBO GO broke its silence and came up with a more reasonable explanation about the blunder. Through a spokesperson, it implied its resentment about the problem that happened the previous night. In a statement released, HBO GO simply said that due to high demand, the service was jammed by excessive online traffic especially after the 9 p.m. (ET) telecast.

HBO GO also assured that the problem was already rectified. It even assured its online users that the service is currently back to normal.

How many viewers were affected?

By now, you must be curious about how many fans were affected by that service disruption. On the average, the show had been viewed by about 11 million fans every week during its run. It is about 38% of the total 28.7 million estimated number of HBO subscribers in the US.

It estimated that HBO GO has a standing limit on how many people could possibly share their service passwords at a given single time: 11 million people. Thus, if most HBO GO users were fans of ‘True Detective,’ the outage must also have affected the same number of online viewers.

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