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Hayes Grier Hospitalized Aftr Accident, Internet Users Actually Rejoice?

Hayes Grier Hospitalized Aftr Accident, Internet Users Actually Rejoice?
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Hayes Grier Hospitalized Aftr Accident, Internet Users Actually Rejoice?

Are internet users rejoicing that Hayes Grier was brought to the hospital after he got into an accident?

The 16-year-old internet personality got involved in a car accident and was brought to the medical facility to receive proper care after suffering two broken ribs, a bruised lung and concussion.

Amid what happened, why is he still reportedly bashed by some internet users?

On his Twitter account, Hayes Grier’s brother, Nash, announced the hospitalization of the former, People reported.

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“#PrayForHayes Just got a call on set that said Hayes was in a crash,” he wrote. “He’s now in the hospital.”

The older brother of the young internet sensation further informed the fans that he is “pretty busted up” because of what happened as “He is in a lot of pain.” However, he assured them that the young Grier has not had any “major” injuries and that all scans on him returned negative.

It can be recalled that earlier this month, Hayes Grier was introduced as the new star of “Top Grier,” his show after his stint in “Dancing with the Stars” that highlights his life in their farm in North Carolina, as what E! News shared.

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In the meantime, as he stays in the hospital to finally recover fully, a number of Twitter users aired out their comments on what happened to him as they popularize the hashtag #HaysisDeadParty.

Were they preparing a celebration should the celebrity not escape death?

“#HayesIsDeadParty I’ve arrived.  Where’s the food??” one tweeted, as another wrote, “Hayes – “Islamophobic, Homophobic, Sexist, Racist.”

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While some appeared to be glad about the fate of the internet personality, others were also out to point out that their use of the hashtag was just disrespectful and awful.

It was even emphasized that the bashers must have thought of their brothers before making such hashtag about Hayes Grier trending.

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