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Hawaiian Volcano Erupts After Rocks Fall Into Crater

Hawaiian Volcano Erupts After Rocks Fall Into Crater
Halemaumau sodai gomi / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0


Hawaiian Volcano Erupts After Rocks Fall Into Crater

On Sunday, Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano erupted, sending a blast of smoke and lava around the periphery of the Halemaʻumaʻu Crater. The eruption occurred after a wall of the crater collapsed, causing the lava to overflow several times over the weekend.

According to Daily Mail, an observatory scientist, said, “As long as magma supply is elevated, we expect continued high lava lake levels accompanied by additional overflows.

“We expect continued rockfalls, intermittent explosions and ash fall, and continued high levels of gas release.”

Hawaiian Volcano Observatory described the eruption on Sunday as extremely strong, saying, “fist-size clasts were deposited around the closed Halemaʻumaʻu visitor overlook.”

Janet Babb, a geologist with the US Geological Survey, said that Sunday’s eruption was like uncorking a bottle of champagne with a hammer.

She said, “You look at the bottle and you see the liquid, but you don’t see the gas.

“There’s a lot of gas in the lava. And so, when that rock fall hits the lava lake, it’s like the moment you knock the top of the champagne bottle off and that gas is released and it hurls molten lava and rock fragments.”

A video released by the USGS shows a heap of rocks falling into the pool of lava, causing an explosion of massive intensity.

The lava had risen to record-high level last week.

People have expressed their excitement on social media about catching a glimpse of the volcanic activity. A post on the 365 Things To Do In Kona, HI, Facebook page, said, “If you can get there, go. The telescope there lets you see the lava lake bubbling and churning. Tres cool.”

Kilauea volcanic eruptions in Hawaii have been active since 2008.

According to RT, the crater has been sealed off from the general public. No injuries were reported following the incident at the crater.

Hawaiian emergency officials say that the recent activity is not threatening to nearby communities.

The New York Post reported that a consistent volcanic pool was present at the Kilauea summit within Halemaumau from the 1800’s until 1924. The diameter of the crater was half than what it is at present.

A massive eruption in 1924 doubled the size of the crater.

On Monday, tremors of an earthquake measuring 3.6 on the Richter scale were felt in the area, according to the Geological Survey.

In an eruption last year, the lava reached a nearby village and resulted in widespread devastation.


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