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Haven’t Played Dark Souls 2? Follow These Tips To Play Dark Souls 3 Like A Pro

Haven’t Played Dark Souls 2? Follow These Tips To Play Dark Souls 3 Like A Pro
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Haven’t Played Dark Souls 2? Follow These Tips To Play Dark Souls 3 Like A Pro

If you haven’t played Dark Souls or Dark Souls 2, but want to start playing Dark Souls 3, you need to a lot of catching up to do. Yes, Dark Souls is a game quite difficult to understand. That does not mean you cannot play the new game just because you know nothing about the previous titles.

Whether you are planning to or have already purchased Dark Souls 3, but do not have anyone to tell you about what Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2 were all about, do not worry. You don’t even need that information. Just follow these simple tips and play the latest game without anyone’s help.

When you start the game, keep in mind that there are killers everywhere. Be alert as you move forward and check every corner. Keep an eye out for everything. And yes, there are assassins who can stab you in the back by attacking you from the ceiling. Just be a little extra careful. Also, do not believe everything that you find in the game. When you feel something is too good to be true, it probably is, especially the prizes. As The Verge puts it: “Dark Souls games are studded with shiny objects; useful items glowing white in the gloom. Many of them are prizes for having survived so long, or ways to tell the story of a new area without spelling it out, but a good number are deliberate teases. Some are placed just out of reach, luring greedy travelers into long-distance leaps to their death, while others are put in plain sight, like cheese in a mousetrap ready to spring shut on the player.”

Be skeptical. Do not trust anyone. If you come across anyone who is trying to be friendly or over-friendly, the first thought that should come to your mind is: He can be my murderer. Patches is one such BFF that appears in the Dark Souls series. Last but not the least, always be ready to attack. Do not let your guard down. This is applicable even with the older versions of the game, Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2.

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