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Have You Seen Vincent Van Gogh Around?

Have You Seen Vincent Van Gogh Around?

Morning News Roundup

Have You Seen Vincent Van Gogh Around?

Seems like a lot of people have seen him. He has been seen in a train, walking on a street, buying his groceries, hanging his clothes, or who-knows-what-else and it made people awestruck they had to turn to Reddit to make sure they weren’t dreaming.



This elicited various comments that made the post garner 4511 points in the social media site.

And Van Gogh, who registered in Reddit hours after the first image was posted, replied and acknowledged his semi-popularity in the modern world.


“I didn’t even have a reddit account until someone texted me and was like, “dude… You have to check this out!” So check it, i (sic) did,” he said in a post.






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