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Harvard Bomb Threat: Evacuation Ordered, Latest Details

Harvard Bomb Threat: Evacuation Ordered, Latest Details
Picture from Harvard Campus/Harvard Website


Harvard Bomb Threat: Evacuation Ordered, Latest Details

Harvard bomb threat: An emailed tip regarding an unconfirmed bomb at the Harvard University has led to an emergency evacuation.

An emailed tip regarding an unconfirmed Harvard bomb threat that led to an emergency evacuation in some of the university’s buildings. Law enforcement officials were on the scene to investigate.

Moreover, the affected buildings were also closed down following the Harvard bomb threat.

The threat came to the attention of the school last November 16. According to Harvard University Executive Vice President Katie Lapp, the university had received an email about an unconfirmed bomb threat. Following this, it was decided to evacuate Harvard’s Science Center, Emerson, Sever and Thayer Halls. Of threats like this, Lapp says, “In the wake of recent tragic events in locations ranging from Paris to Beirut and beyond, we understand that this type of threat will cause great anxiety for many across our campuses.”

Both the Harvard University Police Department and other law enforcement officials worked on searching all four building for possible bombs. However, Lapp said there is actually nothing to substantiate the recent bomb threat sent to the university. Nonetheless, as the search continued, entry to the university’s Yard was restricted.

At 3:52 pm, the search of both Emerson and Sever halls were completed and both buildings were reopened. Moreover, restrictions to accessing the Yard was also lifted while searches in the Thayer Hall and Science Center continued.

At 4:19 pm, the search on Thayer was completed and the said building was also reopened. Meanwhile, it was said that the search in the Science Center was still ongoing. The entire search following the Harvard bomb threat is expected to take several hours.

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