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Real Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak Available Now!

Real Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak Available Now!
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Real Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak Available Now!

For those who have been dreaming to own a Harry Potter invisibility cloak, it seems that this dream is no longer far from happening.

Thanks to the researchers of the University of Rochester who discovered the new scientific breakthrough! It is now possible to roam around without being seen by the human eye while cloaked with a special device, Mirror UK revealed.

The educational institution, which has already presented the idea of how cloaking is done with the use of basic optics, has developed a “real life” cloaking device that operates via a digital display that covers a wider range of angles and hides larger optics.

The report further explained that the Harry Potter invisibility cloak of the University of Rochester works by calculating “the direction and position of the light rays so they can be properly displayed as if they were unobstructed.”

While this form of “magic” has already been proven to be possible, it was pointed out, though, that if the screen resolution of the display gets higher, finer lens are needed in order to achieve the goal of successfully cloaking the physical body.

Prior to the development of this technology, Glasgow Live UK already disclosed that Harry Potter invisibility cloak has been topping the sci-fi wish list of Glaswegians.

Based on the sci-fi gadget research commissioned by the Scottish Gas in time for the celebration of the Star Wars Day on May 4, the in-demand cloak was followed by the life remote control from movie “Click” and hoverboard from “Back to the Future II.”

“The good news for wannabe Harry Potters is that an invisibility device is not only feasible, it could be powered by the same amount of energy as a 100W light bulb,” a spokesperson for Scottish Gas shared, adding that owning Harry Potter invisibility cloak means that “it would cost less to vanish (a couple of pence per hour) than to cook a microwave meal.”

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