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Harry Potter Fan Theory: Harry Potter Died, Was Reportedly Resurrected By Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter Fan Theory: Harry Potter Died, Was Reportedly Resurrected By Deathly Hallows
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Harry Potter Fan Theory: Harry Potter Died, Was Reportedly Resurrected By Deathly Hallows

According to one fan theory, it wasn’t Lily Potter’s love and protection that made Harry Potter come back to life in “Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows”. Was he resurrected?

Harry Potter fan theories have always been never-ending and with J.K. Rowling launching the eighth book this year and announcing the release of two more, over-enthusiastic HP fans are back with more scrutinizing discoveries.

While most of the theories have been heard in some form or the other when the Harry Potter franchise was at its peak, one particular theory has come forward which showers all new perspective on the seventh book of the Harry Potter series.

When Voldemort struck him with the killing curse just before the final showdown and Harry’s soul seemed to leave his body, go to heaven and meet a ghostly Dumbledore, did Harry actually die?

Harry Potter Fan Theory

A fan who calls himself “WippitGuud” on Reddit posited the theory that when the ghost of Dumbledore told Harry that he was not actually dead because his mother’s love was protecting him still, he actually lied as Harry did die and was resurrected by the Deathly Hallows in a very biblical manner.

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This theory actually makes sense since there were a couple of things that did not quite add up during the event if one compares it to the time when Voldemort had visited an infant Harry and Lily Potter had sacrificed herself in order to save him, reports Glamour.

When Voldemort had tried to kill a baby Harry, the spell had rebounded and not only killed Voldemort but destroyed his body. Nothing of that sort happens in the instance when he tries to kill Harry in “The Deathly Hallows”.

Secondly, Voldemort had left a lightning-shaped curse on Harry’s forehead from his first attack, while no visible scar was left by Voldemort during his second attack in the seventh book.

Besides, the rule was clear from the beginning that in order to destroy a horcrux, one needed to destroy the physical vessel it was contained it. This is also why Harry had to destroy Tom Riddle’s diary in “The Chamber Of Secrets”, Ron had to destroy the necklace and Neville had to destroy Nagini’s body in “The Deathly Hallows”.

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Since Harry was a horcrux, his body had to be destroyed in order to get rid of the horcrux that Voldemort “never meant to make”, reports Independent.

Harry Potter Resurrected?

So how did he come back? On this, WippitGuud says that all the necessary elements were aligned – Harry had the Philosopher’s Stone, the Invisibility Cloak and Voldemort was wielding the Elder Wand – to evoke the resurrecting power of the Deathly Hallows.

And since Harry was the master of the Elder Wand at the time, it also makes sense for the wand to keep its master’s best interests at heart and backfire when used against its owner.

So all things considered, it does seem like Harry Potter was indeed dead before he was resurrected by the Deathly Hallows!

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