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Hard Summer Festival: Girls Dragged Out Dead, Ecstasy Plus Heat, Dancing Spells Disaster

Hard Summer Festival: Girls Dragged Out Dead, Ecstasy Plus Heat, Dancing Spells Disaster
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Hard Summer Festival: Girls Dragged Out Dead, Ecstasy Plus Heat, Dancing Spells Disaster

Two girls were dragged out dead from the Hard Summer Music Festival due to overdose. Elsewhere, the festival reeks of rambunctious crowd and drug users. Hospitals around the area are jam-packed and there were a total of 45 arrests as of press time.

Two teenage girls dead due to overdose

One 18-year-old girl was rushed to San Dimas Community hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival by 6:04pm, KTLA reported. Another 19-year-old girl was brought to Pomona Valley Medical center but also declared dead upon arrival at 8:40pm. The L.A. County coroner’s office said autopsies will still be performed in the coming weeks. The girls’ identities remained classified as the office are still trying to contact each of the girl’s family.

Ecstasy Plus Heat And Dancing Spells Disaster

Speaking with the CBS Local, Dr. Ken Moore would want to advise all parents against allowing their kids to attend concerts in the likes of the Hard Summer Festival. He said such events reeked of illegal drugs.

“Parents, they shouldn’t let their kids go to these things. They’re just it’s just too dangerous and they’re disasters waiting to happen,” Moore said.

He said that teens who are getting way too experimental on drugs usually take them without a single idea of the perils that come with just a single pill. He said, drugs, such as Ecstasy which is rampant during rowdy concerts, or alcohol when mixed with the heat of the environment and the wild dancing could be a very fatal combination.

“What happens is, the kids feel high, and they dance and do a lot of muscular activity and the result is they can get muscle breakdown and they can have systems failure,” Moore explained.

Forty-five people arrested during Hard Summer Festival 2015

A total of 45 people were already arrested as of press time. Thirty-two people were arrested during the first day and another 13 people were arrested on Sunday, The Los Angeles Times reported.

While the death of the two girls came as shocking for the concert goers, they said such incident is somewhat expected at the event. Those who have spoken with the LA Times said taking drugs is a normal activity during the festival.

“I am surprised. It is a little shocking when anyone dies … But people do drugs out here,” 19-year-old Jackie Diaz said.

“It is unfortunate that this kind of tragedy happens. People get carried away. People try to fit in and they don’t know their limits,” added Oscar Mendez, 19.

“Some people can’t handle it. You have to look out for people. In heat, some people pass out. With all those bodies, the heat and, whatever else, it hurts,” said Ernesto Lopez, 23.


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